Case Study

Website Project that is similar to Codefights

Develop a web site for developers to compete in favorite programming language.

Project Detail

・Size: 3MM

・Duration: 1 month

・Technologies: CentOS, PHP, MySQL, Yii2 Framework

・Development Scope: Requirement define, External design, Internal Design, Code, Unit test, fix bug, operation


・Adopted as the company has just been established want continue to adopt a very important and perfectly good developer, can evaluate the ability of developers classified question and test.

・It can be used as one tool to evaluate the effect of the company’s education.


・From requirements definition, external design, internal design, implementation, all of the development process of the test has been carried out in-house.

・To be able to control their own design as program, without using the existing framework of open source, I wrote a program from scratch in Yii2.

・Launch of the server, network settings, etc… was also constructed in-house server.


・Developed sites in a month, are utilized in-house.

・It hopes for future expansion and deployment of as product.

Web Game operation project of the Japan Platform

It is a project to operate a game you have deployed to Japan platform. Responsible for tasks such as event campaign maintenance.

Project Detail

・Development language: PHP

・Database: MySQL

・Development Scope: Development regular events, campaign and reflect the completed function to the production, what has been an inquiry from the user. Investigate and fix bug.


Have to investigate the bug by the user-like inquiry. Since the contents inquiry from the user’s point of view, it may be different with where the actual cause.


Analysis contents from the inquiry of the user,understand the scope of the problem, to investigate the user behavior log (item use the log). In addition, not only the user who inquiry, also need to check the data of other users. Thereby, or really a problem occurs, it can reflect or just a misunderstanding.


More correct the problem, the cause can be investigated, tell clearly described the contents to the user like, it was to satisfy users.