Case Study

Mobile’s UI Project

This project purpose is to make a tool that create Mobile UI Common pattern that most of mobile application use. By using this tool, we can choose any Mobile Pattern and put it together with others to make an mobile application UI fast and beautiful.

Project's detail

・Size: 6MM

・Duration: 4 months

・Technical: Xamarin.Forms

・Content: Create UI pattern (Logins, Walkthroughs, Social, Articles, Dashboards, Ecommerce, Chat Messages, Navigation…)

・Development Tool: Sketch, Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio 2015

・Development Scope: Software Architechture Design, Code, Unit Test, Bug fix


・There are so many platforms that need to be support (iOS, Android, Window Phone).

・It is difficult to implement Responsive UI to all mobile resolutions.

・Which control should be customize and how to customize to make it easy to use for end user.


・Research carefully about customize method of XAMARIN control.

・In temporary, create resource for each screen resolution. In the future we will use Vector image instead current solution.

・Implement successful Responsive UI for different screen resolutions.


・Can customize control for iOS, Android.

・Implement successful Responsive UI for different screen resolutions.

・With new customize control, the time for developing a mobile application can be reduce 40 – 60%.