Case Study

DICOM Image Project

High world ranking in Medical Device Software System customer.
Customer want us to develop a tool to simplify the diagnostic methods, such as thickening, smoothing of the image sequence with the interpolation algorithm and reading DICOM File  Series and Image Split.

Project Detail

・Size: 10MM

・Technical: DICOM Standard file and non standard file reading solution. Solution to read DICOM file that included looses JPEG file Interpolation Algorithm.

・Development Tools: Memory Leakage Check Tool


・Short Development (One month)

・Because Compressed JPEG is included in DICOM File so it is hard to read image and do the image processing.

・Interpolation Algorithm is extreme difficult so it need deep research to understand.


・Before start project, we researched about DICOM standard and Image processing Technical. And we involved some expert at this field to project.

・We test interpolation algorithm with pilot solution, and after make sure that solution is fine, we use for the project.

・C++ is vulnerable for memory leakage so we used memory check tool to verify.


・We completed project in just one month, satisfy all requirement including performance.

・We improved our research skill and analysis skill to resolve difficult problem.

Electric Circuit Design Tool

Develop new feature and maintain old feature of customer CAD Package. This CAD Package main purpose is to support to draw circuit for electric.

Project Detail

・Size: 10MM

・Duration: 4 months

・Technicals: C++(MFC),COM-API

・Development Tools: Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2015, EnterPriseArchitecture, DevPartner, Team Foundation Server

・Development Scope: Software Basic Design, Code, Unit Test, Bug Fixing


・Package source code is huge (~2000K Lines) yet haven’t  any document, so when develop new feature or edit current source, it is very hard to evaluate the affect.

・Customer is lacking of communication with offshore.


・Discuss more with customer and investigate old source carefully. After that, write a hand book for overall design.

・Define communication at each level (Sales Level, Technical Level, Manager level). Use Communication Tool (Polycom, Skype, Slack).


・Understand program structure, new member also can study from the hand book.

・We communicated well with customer, and both sides worked as an unique team.