ZINZA always promote efforts to improve quality in the development stage

Design Pattern
Waterfall Process
Scrum Process


Depend on program language,we use tools to automatic check the source code properly.



Cppcheck is a static code analysis tool for the C and C++ programming languages. It is a versatile tool that can check non-standard code. Cppcheck supports a wide variety of static checks that may not be covered by the compiler itself. These checks are static analysis checks that can be performed at a source code level. The program is directed towards static analysis checks that are rigorous, rather than heuristic in nature.


FindBugs is an open source static code analyser which detects possible bugs in Java programs. Potential errors are classified in four ranks: (i) scariest, (ii) scary, (iii) troubling and (iv) of concern. This is a hint to the developer about their possible impact or severity.


FxCop provides a tool to help developers to follow their company's coding standards. FxCop does code analysis to check whether the new code is compliant with the coding standards and naming conventions followed by the company. FxCop will ensure that the specified rules are used in the source code.

Design pattern

Design pattern

Design patterns can speed up the development process by providing tested, proven development paradigms. Effective software design requires considering issues that may not become visible until later in the implementation. Reusing design patterns helps to prevent subtle issues that can cause major problems, and it also improves code readability for coders and architects who are familiar with the patterns.

In order to achieve flexibility, design patterns usually introduce additional levels of indirection, which in some cases may complicate the resulting designs and hurt application performance.

Waterfall Process Model

# Stage Customer ZINZA
1 Requirement Create Study
2 Architecture Design Create Study
3 Basic Design Approve Create
4 Detail Design Approve (Optional) Create
5 Code Approve (Optional) Create
6 UT(Include Test Case) Approve (Optional) Create, Run
7 IT(Include Test Case) Approve (Optional) Create, Run
8 ST(Include Test Case) Approve Create, Run
9 UAT(Include Test Case) Create, Run Support

Agile/Scrum Process Model

# Stage Customer ZINZA
0 Requirement Create Study
↓Every Sprint
1 Prototype/Mockup Approve Create
2 Design Approve(Optional) Create
3 Cpde Approve(Optional) Do
4 Test Approve(Optional) Create/Do
5 Demo Check/Comment Do
6 Approve/CR Create Study